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Friday, August 5, 2011

Check out my latest guest post

Hi Everyone:

I just did my first guest post on:

A woman's perspective on modern romance novels. check it out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soul Chamber

As I ride off into battle,
To await my victory,
Your face is all that matters,
As it swims in front of me.

Lost in all the memories,
Of the days of long ago,
I know we'll be together,
Before my body grows too cold.

I am caught up in the raging,
And the battle's blood and gore.
I can feel my heartbeat fading,
My body feels no more.

But my mind is lost already,
To the shining silver gates.
I feel my sword hand steady,
But my spirit cries to wait.

The battle's almost over,
The darkness swims in place.
I'm going to meet my lover,
Again to see her face.

In the halls of great Valhalla,
Where the warriors wait to fight,
I saw my lover crying,
And awoke to pitch-black night.

I know my life's not over,
As I dreamed in vain it'd be.
I wait among the clover,
Til they come to rescue me.


In the place between awake and sleep,
Where the dreams I dream are very deep,
I found that I, too, have a soul,
The peace that makes the puzzle whole.

I dreamt once that I'm alone,
My happiness remained unknown.
A shell of fear protected me,
Shielded me, I could not see.

A mountain that remained unclimbed,
An hour that could not be timed.
Deep inside a living maze,
I was an unspoken phrase.

AND THEN..It was like...

I stepped outside the open gate,
Spread my arms to welcome fate.
Awakened now to what may be,
I have my dreams to comfort me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smooth Like the River by Amy D.

In time a river rock gets smooth,
Worn away are chip and groove.
Polished, without flaw or crack,
It has the thing we humans lack.

We desire to rid ourselves of wear,
Afraid of time and fading hair.
If only we could be worn smooth,
And with age regain the look of youth.

Hello New Friends

Hello All.  Welcome to Reading Rainbow Book Club. Everyone is welcome to discuss books, writing, reading, authors, etc. However, I ask that everything remains at least PG13.  Thanks and enjoy!